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Citybase New artist

Despite the much saturated creative industry, there are very few lads whose craft wizardry is top-notch.

Nigeria currently sits atop as the entertainment hub in Africa, with her genre of music raving globally, as artistes in the country are topping charts globally and winning highly coveted awards.

This is a clear indication that Afrobeat music is here to stay, as a genre of music that will further rule the world in years to come.

Samuel Osemudiame Odeh, popularly known as Citybase, is a Nigerian Italian-based artist currently on the rise in the music scene.

Born in 1992 in the city of Lagos, but later traveled to Europe where he took interest in music. Citybase went from Italy to Sweden. And later back to Italy after a few years of real diligent hustle.

His passion for making timeless music became burning, as he promised to take his craft to another level showcasing his creative prowess on the microphone.

The Italian-based Nigerian star is also a multi-instrumentalist, with creative strength in playing drums, keyboard; singing, rapping and also a fantastic songwriter.

In a bid to take the industry by storm introducing himself in a different dimension via his body of work, in July 2020, he released an Audiovisual Afropop Italian/ English track named ‘Culo’. Beyond his imagination, the song enjoyed massive rotation both on radio and TV.

In the new year, several projects were released.

His new single titled "African Queen", featuring Tommy Kuti is currently treading.

Citybase is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


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